Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back from Scotland

We're back from our little jaunt to Scotland. Sorry for not warning you about it, but I'm a bit reluctant to mention our house being deserted for over a week before that actually happens.

Anyways, Scotland was a very nice holiday, we all really enjoyed it. Both seeing interesting historic sites, beautiful scenery and also meeting several friends during the trip. Pictures should be available soon. Some observations about the whole thing:
  • A Ford Focus is okay for travelling long distances, but not the most luxurious comfort car.
  • 7 hours in the car is really pushing the limit of a 6 month old's patience. Yes, she slept for most of it, but that hour or so near the end...
  • Scottish roads for the most part are far less scary to drive on than English roads. Wider with no big hedges right beside the road, less traffic and fewer blind corners around tops of hills too.
  • Stirling Castle is really cool, especially when Elvis Presley and John Lennon tell you about it.
  • The Isle of Mull is worth a longer visit. Don't be put off by Mull being the German word for garbage.
  • The accent in the Inner Hebrides is easier to understand than the accent in the Borders.
  • All beds in small European hotels (England, Scotland, Germany, Austria) seem to only be made using a heavy duvet and a sheet. So you can either sweat and be uncomfortable under the duvet or you can shiver and be uncomfortable under only the sheet. Hasn't this continent heard of blankets?


benpanter said...

Looking forward to the photos!

Kathie said...

Now you see, I hate blankets, would much rather have a duvet. What you're used to I suppose