Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I met someone else who reads my blog and I realise that perhaps I haven't made things clear to people who don't personally know us well. We have moved, but only within the village of Cookham. And not that far even in the village! So you can continue to expect posts about life in and around Cookham from me.

I met Liz, one of the great volunteers who looks after the fantastic Cookham website. She has over 500 daffodil bulbs that are looking to be planted in places that can be seen by the public. Since we live right on a corner with a little strip of green outside our fence, I thought it would be a good spot to plant some. I look forward to seeing them come early spring. So if you want some bulbs and have a place where they can be appreciated by everyone, do get in contact with her via the Cookham website.

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