Saturday, February 16, 2008

Earl J. Woods, Liberal Candidate for Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville

This post is off my normal subject of life in the UK. This is a post about a good friend of mine who is running in the Alberta provincial election on March 3rd. Earl J. Woods is running in the riding of Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville, which just happens to be the same riding as Ed Stelmach, the current premiere of Alberta. The current premiere is a member of the Conservative Party, who have been in power in Alberta for over 30 years. So, considering this, Earl needs all the help he can get to have a chance in this election.

My politics don't play a part in this really. I haven't lived in Alberta for a long time now. What plays a part is the fact that I know Earl is a sincere fellow who believes in what he says and follows through on his convictions. More praise for a politician would be difficult for me to give. Earl's reasons for why he wants change in Alberta are personal, yet experiences that many have shared as well.

If you live in the Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville riding, I urge you to vote for Earl J. Woods on March 3, 2008.

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