Saturday, May 22, 2010

General Update

No big news today, just a quick note.

It seems I have missed one of the main events of the Cookham social calendar. Let's Rock the Moor is happening as I type this. I thought it was free in the afternoon, only costing in the evening. This was incorrect and you need tickets for the whole thing. By the time I realised this, they were sold out. It was starting to become embarrassing, with everyone I met asking me if I was going. So, no I didn't go.

The weather has been fantastic this week. Today saw the first use of the paddling pool this season and Mitchell's first ever go in it. I'm very pleased with my 6 pound pool; I didn't think it would last one summer, but this is the start of its third. Both Lena and Mitchell really enjoyed their splash around this afternoon, as you can hopefully tell from these pictures.

Now I have to leave you and get back to the football. Bayern Munich is in the final of the Champions League and I do have a soft spot for them in big games. 1860 is my team of choice for Munich, but you don't see much of them on the international circuit. Which reminds me, I have to decide who to cheer for in the World Cup. Australia, Germany or England?


Richard James said...

Lovely pics. As to who to support in the World Cup, I shall be supporting whichever channel isn't showing football...

mayling said...


I know this may sound kinda weird but I found your blog when searching for Cookham related websites(I'm thinking of moving there from London).

I'm from Alberta (Ponoka to be exact) and like you I've been away from Canada for awhile (13 years now).

I'm hoping someone can give me some info on Cookham (transport links, property, crime, what the people are like, etc).

If you've got time can you email me? My address is Any advice would be much appreciated.

Earl J. Woods said...

Andrea herself is responsible for most of the crime and villainy in Cookham! Watch out!

I'm kidding, of course. Andrea and Greg are upstanding citizens. I do detect an evil glint in the eyes of those babies, though.