Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New "Toy"

This arrived for me today: 

There is slight debate in the household as to whether this is a "toy" in the sense it's just a pleasure item. I have been told it's a hobby. I point out it saves us money; that it's an investment. Time will tell. But in the meantime, isn't it shiny and fabulous??

I don't even know what most of these stitches are for yet, but it looks impressive. I also love how they name sewing machines, in a manner similar to stereo equipment. It's very easy to look clever/geeky/obnoxious by rolling off a sentence like, "I was considering the DC3050, but after talking to several people, they suggested checking out the SMD3000, the 301 and  the 5124 as well." 

It also came with these as a bonus gift: 

That's 50km length of thread you are looking at. I could sew from my house to the 2012 Olympic Stadium with that. I could sew my way to the Olympics! More realistically, I could probably sew several cool things that I've pinned on Pinterest. 

Worryingly, it also came with these as a gift:
This may not look like a problem but it is. Mitchell is currently OBSESSED with cutting. When he saw the pack of scissors, his eyes lit up and he said "My scissors!" He was quickly corrected, but still, we'll have to watch him. Because this is what it normally looks like when he gets scissors:

But worse, it occasionally looks like this: 
Which yes, is about the fifth thing I ever sewed, (sob); a little bag to match a dress I made for Lena. Lena made sure he knew that cutting things rather than approved paper is not acceptable (with lots of tears and screaming at him) but he's only 2, sometimes the seductive power of cutting things gets the better of him. Watch this space for creativity and destruction to come. 


Sommer J said...

Yay nice machine!! I'd love to hear sewing groups chat about the latest machines like that, too funny! I'd love to learn to sew. Can't wait to see more of your work!

Justine said...

Looks gorgeous - way more clever than mine! Mine has saved us a fortune already - has more than paid for itself in hemming alone (but then we are on the short side ;))... I'd like to think it's saved us money in terms of gifts I've made for people etc, but my fabric addiction might perhaps outweigh that! Enjoy :)