Friday, March 02, 2007

Another House Construction rant

I talked before about how I couldn't understand why English houses are built so flush to the ground. Well, I have another construction "feature" to complain about. Why can't they build awnings on the houses? Whenever there's the slightest bit of wind, the windows are totally covered in rain. The doors, never mind the windows, have water spots on it. We have to be careful not to leave any of the windows open when it's raining, otherwise it can get inside very easily. There's a very small alcove in front of the front door, but it doesn't stop the rain and certainly offers no cover when trying to unlock the door. It's like it's there just to remind you that there are no awnings and to tease you about the fact.


Steve_D said...

Hi Andrea,

I am not 100% sure of the reason for the small eaves in the UK, but I will give you a few reasons that I can think of.
The first is that eaves are often used for sun shading, wind driven rain (like the type that falls upwards in the UK) will always get under eaves. With little sun in the UK, there is little need for shading.
Secondly, houses from memory are often built right up to the boundary line, leaving no room to have an eave that would have to oversail the neighbours property.
Another is cost. Is your house part of an estate?? These houses are costed down to the last nail, and small or no eaves is a cost saving to the builder or developer.

Annoying I know, I fight for larger eaves out here in Oz but they keep building 'butter boxes' with no eaves which let in every one of the 35 to 40 degrees of heat in summer!

ZeeBride said...

Thanks for the explanation Steve. Good to know that things aren't a total mystery always, at least not for the architechts!

Kathie said...

But... ahhh, bliss... the window cleaner comes and washes the windows for you. If I could bring one service from the UK over here, it would be the trusty window cleaner!!