Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Long Walk

On Thursday I met up with some of the women with from our NCT class to go for a walk. We met right next to Windsor Castle and walked The Long Walk, a path in Windsor Great Park. It was an absolutely great day, very sunny but not too hot with a slight breeze. Two weeks earlier we were going to do the walk but the weather wasn't so good. They had hummed and hawed about going, but decided not to; I didn't even go to Windsor because I thought it might not happen. So for this time, we decided we would go walking, no matter the conditions. Because it was so nice this first time, I think it was encouraging for us to do it again. The Long Walk was created/built way back in 1680, so we are unlikely to be the first new mothers to have walked it, but we were pretty proud of ourselves for having done it. It's around 5 miles long round-trip, although a lot of information I read about it says it's 6 miles long. I measured it using this handy little tool and it was 5 miles, or just over 8 kilometers. It's absolutely dead straight and the path is in good condition, so it's ideal for strollers. Here's a little picture of us at the turn-around point, which is at the top of a hill. If you squint, you can see Windsor Castle behind us.


Anonymous said...

Your NCT buddy in the middle needs to get a new buggy! :)

ZeeBride said...

My NCT buggy is pushing her son in the same buggy that she herself was pushed in - it's retrocool, don't you know. ;)