Thursday, June 28, 2007

Enjoying the Arts

June 16 - July 1 is the Bucks Visual Arts event. Basically for these two weeks, many painters, potters, jewellers, photographers, etc etc from around Buckinghamshire open their studios up to the public. This is the 22nd year it's happened and apparently over 400 artists are involved. I think that's pretty impressive, getting 400 people to let the public wander around their work and creative space for 2 weeks for free. Even though Cookham isn't in Buckinghamshire, there are still a couple of artists who participate. It's a husband and wife team, Dennis and Juliette Palmer. She paints and he takes photos. They have a wonderful display of work out for you to see. They were very friendly and kind (washing off Lena's soother after she had dropped it outside) and quite happy to have us just come in for a look. They have been to some interesting places in pursuit of their art. I really enjoyed seeing the work and having a look around the place.

They are the only two artists who are located in Cookham, but there are a few others scattered about nearby, from Hurley to Marlow to Bourne End, plus many more throughout Bucks. If you have the opportunity this weekend, I really recommend you visit one or two of them. Because we can all do with a little more beauty in our lives. Want to know where the nearest studio is? Go to the Visual Images Group website:

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