Thursday, June 07, 2007

Passports and Presents

We received some presents for our birthdays this week. C. gave me an allotment gardening book and G. got a shirt. We got a package from R. & T. which had a couple of CDs and a game - Trivial Pursuit. This is an updated version; Trivial Pursuit the 90s. I thought I would have done well on this but I was sadly mistaken. A lot of the questions were very UK-based and I had no chance to know the answers. For example "Which former Olympic swimmer became Gladiator Amazon?" The answer is Sharron Davies. Why do I have no chance of knowing this? One, because despite her being perhaps a household name in the UK, she's never won an Olympic medal, so I wouldn't know her because of her impressive medal count. Two, she was on Gladiators, a show that never was broadcast in Germany. At least not the British version. About half the questions are like that. Another quarter are guessable and another quarter you could know the answer to it, despite not having lived in the UK. So in the end we did get a winner. It was fortunately all colonials playing, so we were all at equal disadvantage. If we played with a Brit, they would clean the floor with us, I'm sure.

In other news, Lena's passport returned from the Home Office and she has been given a visa to remain here. Same length as ours, 5 years. After that, we could apply for permanent residency or for British citizenship. Since 2 April 2007, applicants are required "to show that they have sufficient knowledge of language and life in the UK in order to qualify for settlement". So I'll be keeping that Trivial Pursuit game close at hand in case it comes to taking that Life in the UK test...

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