Monday, November 13, 2006

Blitzing the House

My friend D is here for a flash visit and to help me to unpack the boxes we have left. Considering we started with over 40 when the movers dropped them off, it's not bad to have about 7 or 8 remaining. Today we got rid of three of them, also finding places for lots of other stuff that had just been randomly emptied. I understand G had to empty boxes without much too regard for if it was a permanent location or not, simply to get the boxes out of the house. But now is the slightly more difficult work, of finding permanent homes for things. So it wasn't just physical effort, it was mental effort as well. Might sound easy, but it was really tiring. Along with the 3 boxes, finding permanent homes for things, we also rearranged several of the big shelving units downstairs. I got overwhelmed at one point and broke down. I think it was a poor night's sleep combined with pregnancy hormones. Anyways, I'm okay now, thanks for asking.

G left this afternoon for a week to Spain for work. Barcelona, look out. So it's nice that D is here until Wednesday morning. She's a hard taskmaster, I'm sure she'll make us do a lot tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Glad Dee was able to come help and visit you so soon....Hello D! I'm sure you'll be moving stuff around even after you think you've found permanent homes for it.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

7 or 8 left?
there must have been at least 15 left when i got there, i felt guilty for leaving you with 7 or 8 in the "kiddo's" room... there are still at least 8 in there full of computer stuff. that's a little task for young g when he gets back from barcelona :)

still, i'm glad that we managed to clear a huge chunk of it out, and that i was there to force you to do stuff like ditch the 80 or so socks that you had packed and shipped over that didn't have a sibling to match :rolleyes: ;)

ZeeBride said...

Slanderous lies! No where near 80, and many did have siblings. But I admit, there were a few too many about the place.