Sunday, November 05, 2006

Getting to know you

The day after I arrived last week, we decided to introduce ourselves to our neighbours. Rather than going door-to-door, making them all wonder what we were selling or for which religion we were proselytizing, we decided to write a little note to them all. Which also felt a bit weird, but we feel it’s important to get to know people asap, because we will need some friends even sooner than usual with a baby on the way.

We went down to the post office and made some copies and then stuck them in all mailboxes of the houses along the street. We both felt silly doing it, but understood our reasoning for it. Fortunately, we nearly immediately got some feedback, as one of the women who lives a few houses down came over before she headed out and introduced herself. That made us feel much better about having done it, as we got to meet at least one person via the note. It has had more of an effect though, with a few people introducing themselves over the week, as the opportunity presented itself. I even got a lift down to the railway station because of it. He was heading off to take his dog for a walk in the woods so when I said I had to hurry to the station, he offered me a lift, which I was quite happy about, as I was slightly behind schedule.

Everyone has been really friendly, which has made the effort worth it.

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jane said...

the note is a great idea! we were happy when we moved into our new home when people went out of their way to be welcoming. we just had new neighbors move in next to us and we gave them a couple of ncie bottles of wine which seemed to tickle them. i think it's good to meet your neighbors right away - this way you alleviate any awkwardness later. we have a front porch and spend a good bit of time out there so it's easy to meet people. plus, we have a dog which is teh biggest icebreaker of all!

best of luck to you,
Jane (potterstreet)