Thursday, November 23, 2006

Engage the Clone!

The little home-made clone is making moves to come out and join us in our domination plans for England.

I saw the mid-wife today and she said the head has started to engage. It's not right down in the pelvis, but is on its way. This means the baby is starting to move down, so labour will likely start in the next 2-4 weeks. Could be tomorrow, but that's highly unlikely and it could also be in 6 weeks, but hopefully it won't take that long either.

No matter when the baby comes, hearing that it had started to engage is good motivation to start doing more baby-related things, like shopping for a car seat and packing a hospital bag.


Norm said...

Well Andi your getting close , home everything goes easy. mom gone to red deer for conference back sat. cold day here -20c 30-40 kmh wind. ps tell greg hello and best wishes and to tell family to update blogs once in a while. intersted people in canada keep checking only old news.

Kathie said...

Oooh, how exciting! And engange the clone just had me rolling with laughter!!

Hope you're settled in ok, and everything continues to go well!


Anonymous said...

it's all very exciting :)
fingers etc are all crossed from now on until the big day - thinking of you both lots
love from dee

Moz said...


All sounds very exciting and not too far away either!!

We are all very excited and happy for you over here in Oz and can't wait to hear the great news when the little (hopefully for your sake) one comes along.

Take care and we are enjoying your website!!

Love Maureen & Steve Donaghey