Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Zee View

This is the view I have from our upstairs front bedroom, where the computer is set up. The hill you see is Winter Hill, and is part of Cookham Dean. I was hoping to get a better picture the last couple of days because the hedge in front is very colourful right now. Unfortunately, it's been pretty much non-stop rain so any photo would look a bit dreary. The view itself isn't dreary, I really like looking over and seeing the horses grazing in the paddocks.


Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to coming over to see the new place - the view looks lovely - a cute little village with some nice green fields...

Sheetal said...

It was lovely catching up with you on Sunday!
I absolutely love the area and we'll be happy to come over again once the baby is born. Perhaps we'll combine it again with a business trip as I'm expecting to be in London more often.
Thanks again for dropping us off at the airport, in the end we were home quite late (around midnight) as there were some delays at Heathrow.

Sheetal (& Michael)

Katie said...

Hill? What hill? Must be the English definition of a hill. But a lovely view all the same. Very green. Are there more photos? I'll have to have a look.
I hope y'all are doing well in jolly old and keep in touch.