Monday, December 11, 2006

Hashing in England

We went to the Berkshire Hash Sunday run yesterday. They are one of the Hashes located close to us, and this past run happened to be one of the runs that actually is very near us. Lots of the others are on the other side of Reading, which isn't too far, but certainly farther than the 15 minutes it took us to get there yesterday. What made it especially pleasant was there were several Hashers we knew from our trip to Prague and Cesky Raj in summer 2005. They were all pleased to see us, if surprised. Even more surprised when we said we weren't just over for a visit but had moved to the area. Of course, I managed to get several more good surprised looks on faces when I told people I was due in 2 days. Haha, it was worth going just to see that! G had a good run with them, where as I just walked to the first checkpoint and then had a bit of a bummel around the area until they came back. No way was I up to walking around 6 miles over hill and dale.

Everyone was very nice, so hopefully we'll get out to Hash with them again soon.

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