Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday musings

I got my hair cut and coloured at a local place in Cookham. I have to say, it's a really really gorgeous colour, I haven't had such a nice job done in a few years. I'm not so sure about the cut itself, I'll maybe give it about a week to sort itself out before I give my final verdict. It's nice and short, but he styled it in a sort of 1950s Beatles style.

It's a bit longer than the Fab Four wore theirs, but the bangs (or fringe, for the British and Aussie readers) and style are the same. I think he went with something a bit conservative since it was my first time. As I said, I'll wait a week to decide completely about it, see how it responds to my (lack of) care.

One other thing I wanted to mention this morning is how dark it is around here. There are hardly any streetlights in Cookham. Now I don't want a blaze of strobe lights or anything, but it would be nice if there were enough lights to be able to walk down the street and actually see the sidewalk you are walking on. This isn't limited to Cookham, it's the same in other small towns and villages too. The main street might have lights, but as soon as you go off of that, they are few and far between. In our half mile (860 meter) walk to the local store, until we hit the main street, which is the last 100 meters/yards, there is all of 2 street lights. I'm not scared or anything walking through the area, I just wish I could see the ground to prevent me from yet again twisting my ankle. (See here and here for other twists)


susan_rn92 said...

I have a friend who had this same problem catching the ferry from Bowen Island. The way from the parking lot to the walk on was dark and tended to be slippery. Here is a link to her solution. Order online!,43456,43349

Anonymous said...

it's totally dark where you are, i would definitely invest in some kind of torch, or the solution susan_rn92 suggests.
i got a bit scared myself, walking around a night when i was there, specially since the pavements are narrow at best (you could almost call them non-existent)

ZeeBride said...

I think I might end up trying to rig up our bike lights on the stroller or me, depending on circumstance.