Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Last Red Kite post, promise

I'm only posting this because I think it's quite a coincidence. Right after my post yesterday, a flyer came through the mail advertising a new book that's being sold. It's an updated version of "Birds in a Village", which was originally written by W.H. Hudson. It's called "Birds in a Village, a Century On" by Brian Clews. And what do we see on the flyer? A picture of a red kite! I see today that it's being advertised on the Cookham website too, so I hope they took a fee for that, and not just did it for free to have something to report about Cookham. So with my post on Monday and yesterday, that puts me ahead of the curve, topical posts before it's known by all. I haven't actually seen the book, so I can't make any comment on the content. If you want to send me a copy Brian, get in touch and I'll review it here for you.

Later today, a post about what's happening on the baby front.


Kathie said...

oooh... whilst I am enthralled by your birdspotting tales, I'm looking foward ever more to hear about Baby Showeg!!

Kathie said...

PS Just looked at the Cookham website and was amused in a childish way to see that you live near a town called "Furze Platt"... Put an "ich" and a "dich" in there and that's one hell of a kindergarten type threat!!! ;o)

ZeeBride said...

I know! G and I had a good laugh about that when we first saw it too. In fact, we still do occasionally!