Friday, December 15, 2006

Last Days

Yesterday was the last meeting of our NCT (National Childbirth Trust) antenatal class. Everyone was interested to see if we would make it or not, as I ours is the first baby due and they had the due date. There's another woman due on Tuesday, so we were joking, wondering who will have theirs first.

The class was good, running for several weeks every Thursday night. It was for both the mothers and fathers-to-be, which I think is good too. If you don't have a partner, okay, then perhaps a mothers-only group makes sense, but if you are in a relationship, why wouldn't you want your partner to know what's going to happen during the birth and what will happen in the first few weeks after? They are going to be there too, after all. Even if all the responsibility is left to the mother (for shame!), it's not like you can exactly ignore a newborn in the house, is it? Well, maybe some can. The point is moot, as all the fathers in our group seemed pretty supportive.

I'm afraid I'm not really in the mood to write much more here, but as some of you might take a lack of posts to mean a baby is arriving, I thought I should post a little something to let you know that isn't the case.


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