Sunday, January 28, 2007

Attack of the Colonizers

David and Victoria Beckham have moved or about to move to the U.S.A. so that David Beckham can play soccer (it's soccer there, not football) with L.A. Galaxy. He signed up for squijillions of dollars, well, $10 million US per season as a base salary. Apparently that could go up to around $50 million with endorsements and profit-sharing. But that's not enough for the Posh and Becks. According to World Entertainment News Network, the Beckhams are considering an offer to star in a reality TV show. "The show would follow the couple as they adjust to their life in the US".

So, a very rich British couple, last living in Spain, would have their lives shown on TV as they adjust to life in one of the former British colonies. Well, if anyone wants to do the opposite contact me. A not so very rich c'lonial couple, last living in Germany, having their lives shown on Blogger as they adjust to life in Britain. I think it would a hit!

Okay, maybe it wouldn't, maybe we just don't have the drawing power of Mr. & Mrs. Posh Spice. But why the Beckhams would seriously consider the offer when they have so much cash and certain publicity is a mystery to me. I'd certainly be satisfied with the $10-50 million.

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