Friday, January 26, 2007

January flurries bring January flowers

Today's post title is of course a play on the saying "April showers bring May flowers". In Canada, I was never convinced of this, feeling that May showers bringing June flowers was more appropriate to the climate. It doesn't seem to be that appropriate here in England either. It snowed a considerable amount early Wednesday and again there was a dusting of the stuff last night. But today, this is what I saw in our front garden - 3 different types of flowers blooming like it was spring.

With a little help from my readers (see comments), I realise this one is a crocus.
These are snowdrops, I believe.
I'm really not sure what this is. It's blue and grows on a sort of vine.
There is one flower I'm sure about. I spotted this sweet flower in her Moses basket:
She's learning to smile, isn't that cute?


Anonymous said...

The first picture of a yellow flower is a crocus. I have no buds yet on mine, so I guess the climate you live in is milder then mine. Crocuses come from bulbs and show early like snowdrops (you were right about the second picture). Crocuses are commonly yellow or purple. Sorry, I don't have the name of the purple trailing one, but I have seen it around and if I do get the name I will pass it along.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lena is really cute and it's nice to see you caught her smile on camera. She's getting those gopher like cheeks as did Riley & Haley. She's growing nicely.
I thought the green growth looked like crocuses but the ones here are usually purple, nice to see the yellow ones.

Love Mom

ZeeBride said...

Of course it's a crocus, I realised that as soon as I read both your comments. I guess it's not quite open enough for me to recognise it straight off the bat. I'll update my post accordingly.

susan_rn92 said...

The third flower is a periwinkle. It makes for a nice ground cover. And of course the most beautiful flower is Lena!