Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Extra C'lonial About

My mother has come over for a visit, so the posts might be a bit infrequent over the next 2 weeks while we spend some time together. She adds a fresher perspective to life in Britain, so it may inspire some good future posts. For example, I am bilingual in British and Canadian for the most part, so I forget that phrases like "twenty quid" aren't automatically understandable. Quid is slang for British pounds by the way, similar to how Canadians might say twenty bucks instead of dollars. These sort of things are things I forgot and it's funny to be reminded of them.

For those interested in more pictures, G has put some more Lena photos up on our webpage.

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Robbie said...

My tip, treat your mum at The Fat Duck, or let her treat you! It's in Bray, near Maidenhead.

(But don't tell her beforehand that it's a top restaurant because sometimes people don't enjoy things as much when they have an expectation)