Wednesday, January 24, 2007


It snowed last night. And a decent snowfall at that, at least 5cm. It's been unseasonally warm this winter, so this is late for the first snow. I don't think it snows that often in England, even less than in Munich. People who live in Munich probably think it snows quite a bit there (although again, not this winter) but compared to where I come from in Canada, it's not very much.

Today I was going to drive into Maidenhead and do a bit of this and that. But I think I'll skip the driving. Not because I feel uncertain driving on the snow, I've done enough of that to feel fairly confident. But I don't trust the other drivers out there. They don't get snowfall often enough to A. have decent tires for grip ie. snowtires and B. have enough experience to remember how to drive in the snow. Sorry England, but it's true. I'll give you a world of credit when it comes to driving in rain and probably fog, but not for snow. So my little jaunt will either wait until this afternoon or tomorrow, when the snow has melted off the roads.

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