Monday, February 12, 2007

Bilingual Baby Speak

I thought I would make a short post about the differences in language between Canada and Australia/Britain. Because for whatever reason, the words Aussies use tend to be more similar to the British word than the Canadian word. I could make this a huge post, going on about roundabouts vs traffic circles or to-MAH-toes vs to-MAY-toes, but there are plenty of sites where you can read about those differences. I'm going to stick to the differences when it comes to refering to baby items. I was a bit surprised when I realised how many different words there are. I shall list them as such. Canadian-Australian/British-and just for fun if I remember it, German. Comments in italics if I feel the need.
  • soother - dummy(I never understood why it was called this, but just as posting, came to the realisation it probably is from dumb as in mute. So it mutes the baby. Hah, only took 10 years to figure that one out) - Schnüller
  • crib - cot - kinderbett
  • stroller - pushchair - kinderwagen
  • diaper - nappy - Windel (although the brand name "Pampers" also is common in Germany for diapers in general)
  • burp the baby - wind the baby - can't remember in German
  • pee - wee - pieseln
  • bassinet - Moses basket - never used it in Germany, so I don't know the term

7 words on one topic is quite a few in my opinion. Only in food and car references can I think of more different words per topic. In our house, it's a combination of both, with a slight advantage going to the Canadian version. Whether that's because I'm with Lena more or because I've had more practice using them including my year of au-pairing I can't say. G can speak both Canadian and Australian baby terms, but I caught him by surprise when I for some reason asked him if we had the Schnüller for our trip in the car.

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