Thursday, February 15, 2007

Video Premiere

If everything goes according to plan, below this text there should be a video for you to watch. I bought a cheap video camera off of eBay to record Lena moments. With so much of our family living so far away, I thought they might enjoy more than just still pictures. Of course, our friends and random strangers who come across the blog might enjoy it too.

Forgive the poor quality of film-making, I was still getting used to the camera and wasn't paying enough attention as to where my subject material was in relation to the camera lens. Just click the big play button on the screen and you should be able to see it.

EDIT: Well, I can see the big empty space where the video should be, but it's not showing up nor playing for me. Let me know if you can see it.


Claire said...

I can see it... I can be a remote auntie!

Anonymous said...


It's great!!...just seems too short of course.

Love Baba

Dido is at the cabin with Koda right now, he'll be thrilled to see it too.

Anonymous said...

i can see it too - what a cutie :)