Friday, February 02, 2007

Review: Lychee in Cookham Rise

Lychee is a Chinese take-out & delivery place rather than a sit-down restaurant. Feeling very lazy, we decided on delivery rather than going down to pick it up ourselves. It's 1 pound per mile for delivery, but free if you order over 15 pounds.

The food was okay. Nothing that special, but certainly no problems with the quality. The lemon chicken was good, but the beef dish we ordered was a bit mediocre. It's very reasonably priced though, with most dishes around 5 pounds.

When I phoned up, the man on the phone was very efficient and friendly. He said it would be delivered within 15 minutes and it was. He came to the door and again was friendly and polite, so tops for the service.

My 3 point rating system doesn't really work for take-out, so I'll pass on that for now. I would say we would probably give Lychee another go, especially when not wanting to cook and wanting something fast. The friendly service certainly is encouraging to order again.

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