Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A course in the castle

Lena and I are taking a baby massage course. There are 4 lessons and we've been twice so far. She really enjoys getting her legs massaged, but wasn't so keen on her belly being massaged. It's a little group of us and 5 other mothers & babies. I'm going to the class because I like the idea of doing baby massage - I mean, who doesn't like a massage? But I'm going to this course all the way in Windsor rather than something closer because it has an extra interesting feature - it takes place inside Windsor Castle.

It's in the home of the woman who leads the course. No, it's not the Queen. I asked on the first day how many people live in the castle who aren't the Royal Family and she said around 200 people. I was amazed it was so much. They live in the castle because her husband sings in the choir at St. George's Chapel. The choir members are always on call and have to return within 24 hours if called back (say for a state funeral) even if on holidays. So that's part of the reason they get accommodation at the castle. The other people who live in the castle are the clergy members, a few military pensioners and the household staff of the castle. So, it's for very specific people, you don't just see an ad for a free apartment listed in the local paper.

The rooms are quite nice, with the high ceilings you would expect in an ancient building. Lena certainly enjoys the space, and I do get a kick out of going into the castle for some reason other than to gawk around. I did enjoy gawking around when we went with my mom on a tour, but it's fun to be part of the fabric of actual day-to-day life inside the walls at Windsor.

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