Thursday, September 21, 2006

Closing In

It's looking very promising for the place in Cookham. Everything is in place to set up a deal, just the paperwork to get through and then we have a house. That will take one big uncertainity out of moving if we can get that all settled soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hello there,
glad you're using and finding it useful. the webmaster is a fantastic lady and many of us help her keep it up to date sending in pics of stuff we notice around the place. Cookham has just finished it's time of Cookham Summer FM - our own local radio station for a month of broadcasting this summer from the station waiting room. There's always something going on in Cookham and the Cookham Festival will be another big event in May 2007. of course Christmas goings on will be massive and local amateur dramatics at our Pinder Hall and so on. If you're pregnant you'll soon make lots of contacts with parents.
You've chosen a great place to live.
Good luck!
Lynda - Cookham Rise