Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Planned Binging and Ruthless Tossing

A tad risqué-sounding title today. It refers to how both G and I are trying to reduce our possessions before the move. The binging is an exaggerated term for us using up different food and drink items in the household. G. is drinking up the whiskey and cognac by having a glass after dinner some nights. Of course, I'm frustrated by this since I can't have any of the Hennessy (for example). What I'm doing instead is reaching to the back of the cupboards and fridge and finding food items which need to be used up, so doing some creative cooking. Of course, both of these are a bit silly, because the actual amount of money that we would lose by throwing away all half-full bottles or unopened packs of curry paste is negligible. But it doesn't stop us from trying. Maybe it's human nature to try and "stock up" before going away on a journey.

In other ways, we are doing the exact opposite. We are throwing away things that we have had for ages and ages and that we might even like, but can't see the point in actually packing up and moving. Things like candles, unused flip-flop sandals, little decorative items, roller-blade elbow pads, etc. Some truly random items. Moving is a good way to lose some of my pack-rat tendencies. As compared to just ignoring it now and letting it collect dust for the next forever, I am far more ruthless when I think about having to pack it, move it, unpack it and find a place for it. Still more work to be done there, but lots of little items are going to leave. Some souveniers too. An empty wine bottle with a beautiful label, reminding us of a trip to Bordeaux or to South Australia is really nice, but it's not worth packing.

Of course, if this move isn't more coordinated than our last one (within Munich), we may run out of time for ruthless tossing and end up just packing everything randomly together, to be dealt with on the other end...

P.S. I did finish both years' taxes from the last post.


Anonymous said...

I would hope your move this time is more coordinated than last time :D
I don't think the moving company will be too impressed if you have to draft in legions of mates to pick up all your unmentionables from your bedroom floor on the day of the move :lol:
Still, if you need a hand you know you can always draft me in - especially if it's after 1pm on October 13th :)

Anonymous said...

and well done on the taxes, btw :)