Monday, October 16, 2006

1 good thing, 2 potential good things

A stressful morning, but the afternoon is shaping up to be better. I just got an email confirmation of my visa for the UK. So I'll be allowed to live there. G picks it up at 2pm and I'm guessing his is confirmed as well. So that's one good thing off the stress list.

The potential good things are about the apartment. I phoned the agency that looks after our building for the landlords, putting forward the idea of the landlords buying the kitchen we have in the flat. It belongs to us, meaning we could take it with us, but as we have no use for it, it might as well stay in the flat, so I offered that to her. She said she would have to check with the landlords and see the kitchen, but she didn't give an outright no. The other good thing was, once I told her that we will be out of the flat by the end of October, she said she would bring the agent in charge of finding the next tenant along and if they can find someone for November, we would be able to get out of our rental contract early. Tomorrow they will come by to take a look at the kitchen and the flat.

So the only stress now is to tidy up enough not to shock them at the haphazard state of our flat, with boxes everywhere.


Belinda said...

Good luck with the moving! Brian and I just got settled here in Kansas and still have boxes to unpack. I hope you both settle into the "home country" well.

Lash MacLeod said...

Looks like things are going along smoothly! Smart of you Andi not to go to England immediately. Maybe some of the unpacking will get Greg, I'm guessing. Happy landing you two!

Love Mom