Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Moving quote

Yesterday a gentleman from Donath International moving company came by to check out what we had to move and give us a quote for it. Interestingly, it was the managing director himself who came by. I guess he isn't such an odd person to do the quote, he obviously knows the business, but it still seemed unusual somewhow. Today we got the quote, as did G's company (who are arranging the movers). Both me and G's office team leader thought it was quite reasonable. Best of all, the quote included the cost of packing. It's really negligible in the costs of things. So screw packing boxes! I'll let them do it rather than busting my butt to get things packed. Still need to do a cull of everything, which is nearly as tough as packing itself. And of course, there's probably a couple of boxes we'll want to pack ourselves. Don't need the movers going through all our underwear, as an example.

The price they quoted us, for moving stuff down 4 flights of stairs, taking apart furniture and putting it back together at the other end, packing boxes at this end (not at the other) and moving it the 1142km was €3800, including tax, insurance, etc etc. A lot or little money? You decide.

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susan_rn92 said...

I asked my dad what they paid to move from Moose Jaw to Cranbrook which is a distance of 872 km and with the exchange rate into today's Euro's it cost them 3,942 about 12 years ago. It all depends on the weight, so if you are packing your granite statues of Kirk and Spock then it will cost more. I suggest you leave 'em behind.