Monday, October 02, 2006

The title for this post has been directly lifted from my previous blog, Zee Wedding. An interesting glimpse into what it takes to get married in Germany as a foreigner. Well, I found it interesting. Of course, it was my marriage, so that helped.

But the title is just as appropriate. People kept asking us when we were getting married and now they keep asking us when we are exactly leaving. I wish I knew. I know they aren't asking because they want to get rid of us, but rather because they want to be certain not to miss us! At least that's what they keep telling us, har har. But honestly, we don't have a date yet. We have a place to live theoretically, but not yet absolutely. Still waiting for them to approve our credit rating or whatever it is they do. Today I finally arranged when I will stop working, so until today that wasn't sure either. Our residence permits also have to be approved and stuck in our passports before we go there permanently. Oh, I nearly forgot getting everything packed and moved! So, fingers crossed, all that will enable us to go sometime in the last week of October to move. You'll know more when I know more.

On another note, I want to shortly comment on the fact that I now have Google Ads on this blog. It's hardly a huge income maker, I made all of $16 on Zee Wedding. It's more there for the fun of passively collecting a few cents here and there. I do want to say though, if you are contemplating it yourself but aren't sure about it, go for it! I had to change a few things with the new blog and combining it with G's sites and the support I got from Google Ads via email was extremely good. Quick, reliable and flexible, I can't praise them enough in how they helped me, even when there were problems due to my own incompetence. Really, very helpful. And no, they didn't pay me to write that either.

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