Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Terminator

Next week I will be playing the role of The Terminator. No, not a remake of the 1984 movie, with me starring as a pregnant cyborg from the future. Rather, the terminator of contracts, memberships and other assorted fee-paying associations.

It's actually rather incredible how many things there are to cancel. Phone, internet, language teachers' association, renter's association, apartment insurance, DAV (German Alpine Club), private liability insurance are what I can name off the top of my head, but I'm sure there's more.
Some will be easy to cancel, like the renter's association. Others will be sad to cancel, like the DAV. It always made me feel more like an outdoorsy-person belonging to the Alpine Club. And if you live in Germany (or Austria for that matter, they have the same) and go hiking regularly in slightly hilly areas, I can only recommend it.
I'm hoping none will be difficult to cancel. The phone and internet are the two I'm most worried about, as Deutsche Telekom (no link for them, the jerks) isn't well-known for their fabulous customer service. I can imagine calling them Monday to cancel for November 1st and having them turn off the telephone on October 3rd, a holiday here. That, or somehow thinking I want to cancel Nov. 1, 2007. Really, that's how incompetant I've personally found them to be. British Telecom will have an easy time of it, as the bar has been set very low.

I'll be back. With another post soon.

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